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Virus Removal and Tuneup

 Have you noticed your computer has been slower than usual? Have annoying popups caused by viruses appeared? We can optimize your computer for better performance, and remove any viruses so that your computer can be running faster and smoother than ever. 


Data Recovery and Backup

 We can recover data from old computers and transfer it to a new laptop or USB drive. Even if your computer crashed, we can help you recover all the important pictures and files you thought you lost! We'll also help you back it up so you don't lose your files again.


New Computer Setup

 Setting up a new computer can be overwhelming, but Mapletek can set up and tailor your new computer to your needs. We can help you get it right from the start. 


Water Damage Repair

 If you spilled your morning coffee on your computer, or have any other type of liquid damage, bring it to us and we'll check the extent of the damage. We will try to fix everything to have your laptop running perfectly for you!  


Screen Repair

We replace broken LCD and LED screens and make sure no further damage is done to the inside of your computer. We also fix other problems such as unresponsive touch screens.  


Charging Port Repair

 Computer refusing to charge due to broken power jacks or an internal problem? We fix charging ports and other motherboard charging issues.


Keyboards and Touchpads

  Fallen/Broken laptop keyboard keys are replaced, or the whole keyboard is replaced, so that you can type freely again. Touchpads that are cracked or not responding due to dirt are also cleaned up or replaced with new ones into good working order.


Dust and General Cleanup

 Computer parts accumulate dust over time, which can cause overheating and damage the delicate and expensive hardware. It's best to have a professional take a look at and clean your computer.


Wireless Network Setup

 If your computer is not connecting to wireless networks, we can help fix the problem. We can help connect wireless printers, bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers and more to your computer.


Email Restoration

  Losing your emails, especially ones with important info from colleagues or family, can be devastating. But, we can help you restore important emails, and help you back them up. We can also add/setup new email accounts to your device.


Cassette to DVD Conversions

We can convert VHS tapes to DVDs, or DVSs into digital files you can use on your devices like MP3s and MP4s. The transfer will create a high quality file that has an uncompressed full frame capture.

Hardware Upgrades and Repairs


 There are various reasons why you may want to change the hardware in your computer. There are important components in your computer that can break down, or maybe you want to replace them with better and faster hardware components. Either way, if you want to change anything from the RAM, to the hard drive, or even get a new graphics card, we can help!



Screen and Keypad Repair

Phone screens and keypads break fairly easily whenever dropped. Luckily, Mapletek knows exactly how to fix it since it's one of the most common phone and tablet related issues we receive.


Water Damage Repair

 Most of the time rice isn't enough to fix water damaged devices, but Mapletek's equipment and expertise can help repair the device and can bring back data you thought you'd lost. Just like with computers, bring it to us and we'll see if we can fix it for you.


Power Button and Switch Repair

Small buttons and holes in your devices are easily blocked by small debris. They can also stop working if too much pressure is applied to them. If any of the buttons on your device stop working, send it to us to get it fixed up. 


Updates and Upgrades


Many problems with phones and tablets are caused by updating errors. However, we can help update and upgrade your devices hassle-free.

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